Your Therapist

Principal counsellor Kate Najar of Bokeh Therapy, specialises in women’s mental health. Kate is a mother of two, with the real life family experiences to go along with it.

Growing up in regional South Australia and moving to study in metro Adelaide Kate has worked as a teacher for over the last 13 years in Australia and abroad, has a master’s degree in counselling and is an accomplished musician, singer / songwriter.

Kate is fuelled by her passion for wanting to help others. She considers herself a ‘forever student’ eager to both build on her academic foundation in psychology and to stay in tune with the latest therapies for women’s mental health.

Recently, along with teaching full time, Kate has created several programmes in conjunction with Employment Options. These were aimed at re-engaging youth from varying backgrounds and environments in order to help them build relationships within their family units, to achieve small and large personal goals, build confidence and gain meaningful employment.

Whilst working within these programmes Kate reignited her passion for women’s mental health and has worked through her master’s degree with an holistic and inclusive approach to “all women’s mental health”.

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